CONTROL: IN.YE-5 120/240V WITHOUT TOPSIDE OR CORDS 0610-221046-355

Manufacturer: Aeware by Gecko Alliance
SKU: 0610-221046-355
Manufacturer part number: 0610-221046-355

Y Series Features:
Built in Heater Probes
Programmable via Keypad
Self Diagnostic and Solid State Water Flow Detection
WiFi Ready- In.Touch 2 (Sold Separately AI #3-90-0161 / MFG #0608-521020)

Available in Bundles with Topsides and Cords:
AI #3-72-7030 / MFG #BDLYE5K450 Control with In.K450 Topside
AI #3-72-7031 / MFG #BDLYE5K200 Control with In.K200 Topside
AI #3-72-7033 / MFG #BDLYE5K3530P Control with In.K35 Topside
AI #3-72-7035 Control with 1-Pump In.K19 Topside
AI #3-72-7039 Control with 2-Pump In.K19 Topside

Convertible 120/240V
Heater: 1.0/4.0KW
Pump 1: 1 or 2 Speed 120/240V
Pump 2: 1 or 2 Speed 120/240V
Blower/Pump3: 1 Speed 120/240V
Circ: 120/240V (see note)
Light: 12V
Ozone: 120/240V (see note)

Note: If using both Circ and Ozone, Must be in Same Voltage and will need Amp Splitter Harness
(Sold Separately) AI #5-60-6071 / MFG #9920-401369

Replacement Option For:
AI #3-72-7032 / MFG #0610-221002A
MFG #0610-221020