CONTROL: S-CLASS SC-MP-P122-P212-B1-O1-CP1-AU11-LS-H4.0-U-LCD-NE-SBD 0202-205160

Manufacturer: Gecko Alliance
SKU: 0202-205160
Manufacturer part number: 0202-205160

Pump 1: 240V, 2-Speed
Pump 2: 240V, 1-Speed
Blower: 120V
Circ Pump: 120V
Ozone: 120V
Auxiliary: 120V

Receptacle Type: JJM

Topside and Cords Sold Separately

Use with Topside:
AI #3-00-6017 / MFG #BDLTSC8GE2 - Topside K-8 (7 Button)
K-52 (Keypad With LCD Display)