Chlorine Shock

Sanitizer, Eco-One, Chlorine Shock, 2lb Canister, Qty (64) Tabs
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Chlorine Shock
So Simple. So Perfect... Naturally
ecoone is the simplest and most effective way to maintain your spa. Our products use natural raw ingredients and proprietary formulation of non-foaming surfactants such as coconut, minerals and plant extracts. This results in spa water that is soft and silky and less irritating to the skin and eyes.
Additional Information

The advantages of ecoone:

-No more scum lines

-More stabilized ph and alkalinity levels

-Naturally softens spa water and skin

-Reduces “chemical smell” and odors

-Increases filter efficiency

-Softer skin, less irritation to eyes

-Reduces and/or eliminates foam

-Will not fade bathing suits

-Reduces and/or eliminates the need for harsh chemicals such as scum digesters, clarifiers and metal removers

Spa Care Program (for brand new spas or draining/refilling spas)

Brand new spas should be filled and cleaned before starting ecoone. Fill spa, pour 1/2 bottle of ecoone pipe cleanser. Run jets on high for 1 hour and drain. Then follow steps below. If draining and refilling spa, follow these steps:

1. Clean the shell of your spa using ecoone SHELL cleaner. It’s all natural and will not foam. Never use household cleaners to clean your spa shell, as it may damage spa plumbing and void spa manufacturer’s warranty.

2. Fill spa using ecoone HOSE filter. Our HOSE filter removes organic and metal contaminents, ensuring purified water goes into your spa. Works with city or well water; hard or soft.

3. Heat water to operating temperature. Add one tablet of ecoone ONEshockâ„¢ for every 250 gallons of water. Turn on jets and blowers, allowing water to circulate.

4. Check pH and alkalinity and adjust as necessary.

5. Add one bottle of ecoone SPA monthly to spa water. Let it circulate for 10 minutes.

6. Enjoy!

Quick Start Program (if using existing spa water)

You don’t need to empty your spa to start using the ecoone system. Our products were created to be compatible with most other sanitizers and systems such as chlorine, bromine, ozone, cartridges and dichlor. However, we do not recommend using biguanide or trichlor with ecoone.

1. Remove and clean spa filter using ecoone FILTER cleanser. Put spa filter in bucket with warm water. Pour 2 capfuls. Swish/agitate filter to loosen dirt and contaminates. Allow filter to soak for 30 minutes; gently rinse.

2. Sanitize as usual. If using ecoone ONEshock add one tablet per 250 gallons of water. Check pH and alkalinity levels and adjust as necessary.

3. With jets and blowers running , add on bottle of ecoone SPA monthly directly to spa water. Let it circulate for 10 minutes. Check pH and alkalinity levels again.

4. Enjoy!

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